Speakers 講師



Rev. Chua Chung Kai
(The Pastor of Covenant Church Singapore)


Rev. Dr. Chua Chung Kai is an Associate Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, serving on the Senior Pastor’s Office team. A brilliant and insightful student of the Word, he has a gift of explaining complex ideas in the simplest ways. A medical doctor by training, Chung Kai graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1989. He subsequently graduated with a Masters Degree from the Singapore Bible College in 2000 and was ordained in 2004. He is married to Tina and they have three children, John, Joel and Joanne.

pict_kurasawa倉沢正則(くらさわ まさのり)

Prof. Masanori Kurasawa
(Former President of TCU)


He was born in Nagano in 1952, after graduated from a university, studied in Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary. He was a former President of Tokyo Christian Universitywww.tci.ac.jp. He is currently the professor of Missiology, and also the President of the Faith and Culture Center in TCU. He’s widely serving as Chairman of Japan Missiological Society, and Japan International Food for the Hungry(JIFH). He’s preaching the gospel as the pastor of Shonan Christ Church, Japan Alliance Christ Church.