Registration for overseas participants

(Attention for domestic participants)
※この申込みページは海外からの参加者専用です。日本国内から参加される方は こちら のページを利用してください。

As scheduled before, the registration was totally closed at 20th, Aug.
Total number of participants is this;
Domestic: 258

Overseas: 137
Overall: 395
Here we thankfully report.

◆The arrivals and departures of airplanes
On September 20, you are expected to arrive at Haneda Airport. We will charter buses leaving for the venue at 14:30. Please do not miss them since there are no other buses leaving for the venue available. You may have to come to the venue by trains otherwise. Allow about 3 hours to get to the destination.
On September 23, you will take trains on the way back from the venue to Haneda airport so as to avoid a traffic jam. The time required for the return trip would be about 3 hours.

◆Homestay program
To make your stay in Japan more comfortable and enjoyable, we are planning a homestay program(there is possibly a limit to the number of applicants). During the two days before the conference (September 18-20,Friday to Sunday), you are invited to stay with Japanese Christian families. We are also expecting you to participate in the Japanese Church service. It would be a great opportunity for you to interact with Japanese Christians and worship with them in a different culture. We hope that this is of interest to you!

You are invited to stay with families in Tokyo or in Kansai. You can choose! If you choose Kansai, please fly to Kansai Airport by 22:00 on Friday September 18. If you choose Tokyo, please fly to Haneda by 15:00.
In either case, you may need U.S. $30 for a shuttle bus to get to the appointed meeting place with your host families.

However there is something you want to keep in mind. The applicants who choose Kansai are required to stay a day longer after the conference, for the venue is far cry from Kansai Airport. Please be aware that an additional overnight stay is required for Kansai homestay. The deadline for a homestay program is 31st, May. (formerly 30th, Apr., but extended.)

*Extra important information [added at 7th in April, 2015]
Adding to checking the form below, you need to present ‘Homestay Application’ document.  It is important for our purpose to assign applicants to each host families.  You can download the document [Microsoft Word file] from here.   Please fill-in each blanks with your information, and send it as an attachment to designated E-mail address shown at the bottom of the document.

☆Attention for Overseas Participants☆
Early Bird Registration will be JPY* 42,000 Yen by April 30, 2015. From May 1 to July 20 will be JPY* 44,000 Yen. Don’t forget to save your money!!  (*JPY means ‘Japanese Yen’ currency)

Early Bird Registration by April 30, 2015 JPY 42,000 Yen
From May 1 to July 20, 2015 JPY 44,000 Yen

(Including the transportation costs from Airport or the designated meeting place to Hotel Kuwarubi)

*Payment by PayPal only

Deadline of the registration*: July 20(Mon),2015  completely closed!
Total participants limit*: 350 people
[* Deadline and limit was extended at 24th, June]