Here we introduce the location of hotel, and other useful sightseeing information for overseas participants.  Let’s enjoy your days in Yamanashi!


Hotel ‘Kuwarubi’

The entire conference will be held at this hotel.  It was constructed two years ago.  Unfortunately there is no English website yet, but you can see the mood of the hotel.

lakesaikoLake Saiko

The Hotel Kuwarubi is located just beside the lake called ‘Saiko’. It had been made by ancient eruption of Mt. Fuji.   You may enjoy good scenery and a relaxing time by walking around the lake.

mtfujiMount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest(3,776m) mountain in Japan, and was registered as World Heritage in 2013.  You can see its beautiful shape from the hotel.  Sightseeing of Mt. Fuji offered as one of option programs.